Work with Me

You’ve got lots of options!


♥  14-Day Seasonal Detox (Spring Detox starts on April 13 – prepping starts April 9 – You can do it to suit your own schedule/needs)

♥  28-Day Whole Foods Transformation

♥  Shine in Six / One-on-One Coaching


Customized group classes and guided programs also available for:

  • Whole food, plant-based cooking
  • Raw foods
  • Options in gluten free cooking
  • Options in dairy-free cooking
  • Sprouting, probiotics, fermentation
  • Detox, Specific Allergen-Free, and Elimination Diets
  • Gut Rebuilding
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Natural skin care using herbs and essential oils
  • Non-toxic household cleaning using simple products and essential oils

Have questions? Ask away!