Time for Tea

Life is busy.

Rest and be thankful by William Wordworth

Last week in the midst of my to-do lists and schedules, my precious 10-year old informed me that she had a surprise for me. I peeked in the backyard from my office and saw a beautiful display of her love. She knows I love tea. And flowers. And sunshine. And food. So while I was holed up in my office trying to meet a deadline, she had planned and prepared a fabulous backyard tea party for the two of us.

I’m ashamed to admit I actually caught myself thinking, “Oh, that’s really sweet, but I just don’t have time for all this.” Fortunately, I took a deep breath and told myself to slow down and enjoy the moment.

A table set for two.

A table set for two.

My little waitress.

My little waitress.

She created an adorable menu. (Don’t judge the spelling – We homeschool, so you can blame her teacher!)

Menu for Tea - note the costs

Menu for Tea – Note the cost: love and fun

She had salad with a choice of dressings. A fruit plate. And of course, tea!


Tea and a fruit plate

And tiny sandwitches 🙂

Tiny Sandwitches :)

Tiny Sandwitches 🙂

It was a beautiful experience with delicious food and drink, but the laughter was even more nourishing for my soul. That little break refreshed me immensely.

I think we all know that health isn’t just about the food and exercise. While positive relationships can bless us and strengthen us, the opposite is also true.

Sometimes issues with relationships can affect other areas of our life such as our sleep, our motivation to take care of ourselves, food cravings or other addictions, eating disorders, or even our immune system! In fact, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that those who enjoyed a strong support system of friends and family survived cataclysmic diseases at a much higher rate than those without such a system. Friends and loved ones bring joy into our lives which, in turn, stimulates antibodies into action, enhancing the endocrine and hormonal systems to stave off or even reverse disease!

As a holistic health coach, part of what I do is help people uncover issues that might be negatively impacting their health and take baby steps to make changes for a more positive future.Love mother and dauther

If you’d like to talk about how we could work together to help you reach your goals please contact me for a free health consultation.

Many blessings,


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