Super Easy Vegan Almond Milk Recipe

Have you hopped on the nut milk bandwagon? I’m going to share with you an easy, creamy almond milk recipe that you can whip up in just a few minutes. Once you make it you can drink it straight with cookies or use it in coffee, smoothies, or baking. The sky is the limit!

These days many people choose to avoid dairy milk for a whole host of reasons including dairy allergies, nutrition beliefs, ethical reasons, environmental reasons, and a desire for variety. The good news is it’s easy to find many non-dairy milk substitutes in the store. The tricky part can be finding healthy ones without added ingredients that you don’t want such as sugar, flavorings, or preservatives.

Good news ~ It’s super easy to make almond (or any nut) milk yourself!


Make Your Own Almond Milk - text



Almond Milk Recipe



1 cup almonds

3-4 cups water

dash of sea salt



Soak almonds in a bowl of water 6-8 hours or overnight or whatever you have time for. If you don’t have time for this step don’t sweat it.


jar of almonds soaking

Rinse and drain the soaked almonds.

Add to high-powered blender with 4 cups water and a dash of sea salt.  As you make it more often you may decide you like it thinner or thicker. Adjust the amount of water accordingly.

Blend almonds and water for several minutes until well combined.

Pour contents of blender into nut bag or cheese cloth draped over a canning jar funnel placed on top of a large, wide-mouth mason jar. Let it sit for an hour or so (patient method) and then squeeze it well to get as much “milk” out as possible. There will be nut “pulp” left in your nut bag or cheese cloth.

mason jar with jar filler and almond milk 2  almond milk w nutbag


If you feel like rushing it you can pour it into the nut milk bag/cheese cloth and squeeze it as you go. This is definitely messier, but faster. When you’ve managed to get most of the liquid out of the pulp, you can either toss it, dehydrate it to use as almond flour, put it in a container in the fridge for a couple days, or freeze it until you are ready to use it for another recipe.

Almond Pulp

Almond Pulp

At this point the almond milk is ready to use. It will last in your fridge for a few days.

Creamy Almond Milk

Creamy Almond Milk




You can add more liquid to make it thinner or less to make it thicker. Add some sweetener, soaked dates, or vanilla to taste for a sweet version. Of course you can substitute any nuts for the almonds to make a different type of milk.

That’s it ~Now you’re in the know! It’s so simple it seems like a bit of an overstatement calling it a recipe, right? Consider it a method or a formula. Anyway, whatever you call it, I hope this almond milk recipe is useful for you 🙂 Let me know what you think after you try it!


Love and nourishment,






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