Spring has Sprung! ** FREE gift ** Time to turn over a new leaf?

Happy Spring!

Wow, I’m so thankful for the new season. Winter was a rough one for me. Life is hard sometimes, but isn’t amazing that the sun continues to rise, the moon progresses through its phases, and the seasons change like clockwork.

The weather may not feel especially springlike where you are (it hasn’t felt like it here lately!) but nonetheless I do hear birds chirping a little more and see some harbingers of spring. When my kids were little I’d take them for walks to look for “signs of spring” – things like buds on the branches of fruit trees, hibiscus flowers poking through,  and different scents and sounds in the air.  I’ve been noticing some of those signs lately, and thankfully it is gently pulling me out of my winter funk.

I’m normally a very positive and optimistic person, but the sudden and untimely death of my dear mom (aka – the most amazing woman in the world) right after Christmas hit me hard. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I have been truly depressed for several months. Of course grief is normal, and while it’s not over (I know that it never will be), I am very, very thankful to be seeing some fresh light at the end of this rainy, gloomy tunnel we call winter in the Pacific Northwest.

I may not FEEL like it, but I’m deciding to move on with my life and get back to what I know my calling is – helping people achieve healthier lives naturally.

Have you noticed that feelings can be deceiving? I certainly have! I may not FEEL like eating a healthy breakfast, but it is still the best choice for me. I may not FEEL like drinking water, but my body thirsts for it and needs it. I may not FEEL like moving my body, but it absolutely does me good. This is where habits kick in. Once we get the ball rolling and substitute our negative and/or unproductive habits for healthier ones we don’t even have to think about our feelings; habits can take over.

Habits are what have sustained me through this dark winter. Habits to eat whole foods, get plenty of rest, lean on my faith, and drink water and other nourishing liquids have helped me to support my health even though I didn’t FEEL like doing those things. Other habits haven’t served me as well – like excessive snacking (even on healthy stuff), drinking too much wine, and staying in bed because I didn’t FEEL like getting up. I’ve had a lot of grace with myself during the grieving process, but I’m also ready to clean things up a bit.

How about you? Are there health-related habits you’ve slipped into lately that you have wanted to change but haven’t FELT like it? I know I’m not alone here! May I suggest that it might be time to stop waiting until you FEEL like it, and just take a step toward the change you want to make (and take it quickly before your brain has a chance to stop you!)?

Maybe a longer detox/cleanse sounds overwhelming. That’s understandable.

How about simple one-day cleanse? You will be amazed at how you feel upon completing this! Here’s a FREE gift to get you started with that healthy lifestyle.

Make the decision to change your life starting NOW. Check back in here or on Facebook and let me know how you’re doing.


I’m happy that I have decided to start blogging regularly again. I have several unfinished projects (books and programs) that need to be completed, ideas percolating in the background, and plans to continue my regular seasonal detoxes to support those who want to upgrade their health. I hope you will stay tuned to see what is in store, and I especially hope that my experiences and ideas will be an inspiration for you as you walk on your own journey.

Many Healthy Blessings,


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