10 Ways to Embrace the Changing Seasons


How do you feel about the change in seasons? Does the crisp fall weather make you anxious that the dreary winter and frenzy of the holidays is coming or does it excite you with the unique beauty and characteristics of the season? The end of summer can be bittersweet, but since we can’t stop the change of the seasons I would encourage you to embrace the fall and find ways to bring some autumnal joy to your life.


10 Ways to Embrace the Season

10 Ways to Embrace the Season

While I adore summer and dread not being able to slip into my flip-flops in the morning, I also love the special traits of the autumn! It just MIGHT have something to do with the fact that I am a Virgo and my birthday is in September 🙂


Regardless of that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about fall combined with some special tips to keep you healthy with the change in season.


  1. Light a candle. I love candles and get really happy about having them lit in the dark evenings. It’s kind of a ritual in our home to light candles when it starts to get dark earlier in the fall. We often seem to be too busy in the summer, and it gets dark too late, but this time of year we always have them lit on our dinner table. It’s a wonderful spirit lifter.
  2. Look inward. With the start of school for many people and the shift in weather, it is a natural time for people to reassess their goals and priorities. Spend time each day in meditation, prayer and/or journaling to hone in on your deepest needs and desires.
  3. Go for a walk outside. The rich colors of fall are amazingly beautiful. Go for a walk and really soak it up. Inhale the scents of the crispy leaves. Look for caterpillars. Pick up leaves like you did when you were a kid and decorate your home with them. If you dress properly even a little rain and wind won’t bother you.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep plays a huge role in keeping your immune system strong as well as balancing your emotional health. Take advantage of the shorter days and longer nights to get to plenty of sleep to keep your body strong.
  5. Sip on herbal teas and warm water throughout the day. In the summer I always carry a water bottle with me, but in the fall and winter (and sometimes in the cold, wet spring where I live!) I carry a mug for hot drinks EVERYWHERE I go. Ayurvedic medicine teaches that sipping warm water at regular, frequent intervals throughout the day stimulates lymph flow and proper elimination. It is also just plain warming, soothing, and enjoyable.
  6. Drink lukewarm/warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. This will help to cleanse your liver and get things moving in the right direction for the day! I sometimes add cayenne pepper, turmeric, and ginger for extra warming and healing benefits.
  7. Use essential oils such as Thieves Oil, in a diffuser, air spray, or on your body for elevating your mood, chasing germs away, and stimulating your own immune system.
  8. Stay active to keep things flowing in your body. This will keep your mood up, but it will also help your body avoid illness. Exercise can be trickier with the shorter days and crummy weather, but find some way to move your body each day. It doesn’t have to be formal exercise, but it should be something you enjoy so you stick to it even when the weather is discouraging. This might be a good time to join a gym, buy some new exercise DVDs, get a good rain parka for outdoor walks, or take a dance class!
  9. East seasonally. Eat roasted vegetables, deep leafy greens, apples, squash, and warm soups and stews to keep you nourished and grounded. If you tend to get cold frequently, focus more on cooked foods than raw foods as the weather cools. Utilize that crock pot to simmer yummy stuff all day so it will be ready for you in the evening.
  10. Avoid refined sugar. Germs are ubiquitous this time of year, and in addition to lack of sleep, too much sugar can really wreak havoc on your immune system. If you find yourself craving sweets, try eating more sweet vegetables (like sweet potatoes) and whole grains. These will nourish your body with vitamins and minerals while they help to satisfy those sugar cravings without spiking your blood sugar.


I hope these tips will help to keep you balanced and healthy this fall.

Fall Flowers

These are just a few, and I’m sure you can think of some others that I missed here. I’d love to hear what those are.






3 comments to 10 Ways to Embrace the Changing Seasons

  • Nickie

    These are all beautiful ways to greet Autumn! I particularly love this time of year. The smells, the colors, and the cooler air are so refreshing. Lighting candles is my favorite, especially as you noted…the evenings come upon us a little sooner and we can enjoy the light as darkness evolves. And, napping on a fall afternoon, with a light sweater or blanket = bliss!!!

    Thank you for the refreshing post!

    • lhugdahl

      Thanks, Nickie! I forgot about the napping on a fall afternoon with a cozy blanket. I actually remembered several more things I forgot. I may have to write a “10 MORE ways to Embrace the Fall” 🙂

  • […] love the long days of summer, but I also love the changes each season brings. (See more about that here.) I’m usually thrilled to swap out my flip-flops for boots and my tank tops for sweaters; […]

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