Recipe: Vegan Pesto for Veggies or Pasta

Vegan Pesto tossed with Pasta - Recipe

I remember the first time I ever had pesto. I was a nanny in Switzerland, and I had come home very hungry very late from a night out dancing with friends and found some leftovers from dinner still in the pan. I recognized the pasta, but not the rich green sauce that smothered […]

Fresh-n-Chunky Green Sandwich Spread/Dip Recipe

Veggie Wrap with Chunky Green Sandwich Spread Recipe - vegan, mostly raw

Plant-based dips and spreads make my life so much easier. Whether I’m making a sandwich or looking for something to take with me on the go to liven up my veggie sticks, having a good dip can mean the difference between ho hum and oh, yeah, baby!


Chunky Green Sandwich Spread/Dip Recipe

This […]