Spring has Sprung! ** FREE gift ** Time to turn over a new leaf?

Happy Spring!

Wow, I’m so thankful for the new season. Winter was a rough one for me. Life is hard sometimes, but isn’t amazing that the sun continues to rise, the moon progresses through its phases, and the seasons change like clockwork.

The weather may not feel especially springlike where you are (it hasn’t felt like it here lately!) but nonetheless I do hear birds chirping a little more and see some harbingers of spring. When my kids were little I’d take them for walks to look for “signs of spring” – things like buds on the branches of fruit trees, hibiscus flowers poking through,  and different scents and sounds in the air.  I’ve been noticing some of those signs lately, and thankfully it is gently pulling me out of my winter funk. Continue reading Spring has Sprung! ** FREE gift ** Time to turn over a new leaf?

Best Essential Oils for Muscle Pain + DIY Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Anyone who is an athlete knows that muscle pain and injury are par for the course. As I am constantly telling you, anything you put on your skin goes is absorbed on your body so make sure it is pure and natural. While I am not adverse to using over-the-counter pain medication if needed, I realize that those can be toxic and taxing to my liver. As a result my first remedy to reach for is always the natural one. Plus it’s fun to make your own!

Essential oils for muscle pain

There are many essential oils that are beneficial for pain and inflammation. For the purposes of muscle pain and inflammation you have many to choose from as follows:

  • rosemary
  • peppermint
  • eucalyptus
  • chamomile
  • ginger
  • black pepper
  • clary sage
  • sandalwood
  • clove
  • sweet marjoram
  • thyme
  • cypress

Always make sure to purchase high quality essential oils. I like to get mine HERE.


Essential Oil Blend for Muscle Pain. Simple natural remedy using essential oils.

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Lavender-Lemon Face Scrub (DIY Recipe)

Who doesn’t love indulgent facial products, but do you know that many of them are filled with toxic ingredients? Since our skin absorbs anything we put on it it is important to be really careful about the products we use. This skin care recipe feels and smells amazing and will support your efforts to live a holistically healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

This sensuous and simple DIY Lavender-Lemon Face Scrub will delight your senses and leave your skin silky and smooth. It is made with only three essential ingredients plus the desired essential oils. It’s very forgivable and flexible. Seriously, you can’t mess this up. You can make this natural recipe in just a few minutes and have smoother, softer skin toute suite.

This makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or any time, but be sure to make enough for you too!

Speaking of the holidays, if you’re looking for a little help eating clean make sure you click HERE and get my free 4-day Clean Eating Mini Challenge Guide. You’ll get recipes for four days that you can use at any time plus access to my private Facebook group if you desire for additional support year-round.



This sensuous and simple DIY lavender lemon sugar face scrub will delight your senses and leave your skin silky and smooth.

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Toasted Sriracha Garbanzos / Chickpeas Recipe (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)

I’m fighting back against holiday sweets by sharing a savory and healthy snack recipe with you.

These yummy snacks are packed with healthy fiber and plant protein to keep your blood sugar balanced and your body strong throughout the assault of the non-stop sugar and Christmas cookies! They’re slightly sweet, a little salty, kinda spicy, and perfectly crispy. YUM

If you’d like more healthy recipes to help you stay focused during the holidays, make sure to grab a FREE copy of my 4-day Mini Challenge guide at: http://bit.ly/holidayminichallenge  and join the private Facebook group that is linked in the guide.

I hope you love these Toasted Sriracha Garbanzos as much as I do!

Toasted Sriracha Garbanzos - a healthy, yummy snack - only five ingredients! www.justrealstuff.com

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Maple Cinnamon Sun Butter (nut free, gluten free, dairy free) Recipe

I’ve been doing a little nut-free thing lately as part of our group detox (and you should totally join us next time btw). Nuts are super good for you if you can tolerate them, but as part of our detox we eliminate common allergens for a period of time and then reintroduce them to make sure we don’t have any sensitivities or allergies.

This is all well and good, but I missed putting almond butter or peanut butter on my apples. I teach my clients that there are always healthy substitutions for our cravings. It just takes a little creativity.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention right? Well, nuts may not be allowed on our cleanse, but sunflower seeds are. That got my wheels turning.

Enter Sun Butter. But not just any sun butter.


Maple Cinnamon Sun Butter - Deliciously nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free. Only 5 simple ingredients! www.justrealstuff.com

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Creamy Roasted Dandelion Detox Latte Recipe (Dairy Free Option)


There’s nothing quite like a creamy, delicious latte, right?

Unless you’re trying to avoid coffee. And dairy. Then it can be tricky.

Never fear! I have a delicious recipe for you!

This is a soothing, comfort drink that is actually GOOD FOR YOU! Enter the Dandelion Latte.

Dandelion when roasted makes a remarkable coffee substitute that is good for your liver and supports detox efforts. It’s also a better option than coffee if you are recovering from adrenal fatigue.

The coconut oil also is excellent for your liver and your system in general. It provides quick energy without the caffeine, helps with fat loss, boosts your immune system, helps your brain work better, and a whole lot more. It makes the drink creamy and gives it that “mouth-feel” that you would get from cream in your coffee.

The ghee is another healthy fat that is fabulous for your digestion and your intestinal flora. Ghee contains a substance that helps the good bacteria to thrive. It is also very beneficial in soothing leaky guts.

I know, I know. It might sound weird, but just give it a try. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this recipe!

With this delicious detox drink you won't even miss coffee! www.justrealstuff.com

Roasted Dandelion Detox Latte

Here we go:

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Creamy No-Coffee Replacement – Roasted Dandelion Latte Recipe (Dairy Free)

Creamy No-Coffee Replacement – Roasted Dandelion Latte Recipe (Dairy Free)


  • Roasted Dandelion Tea (I like Traditional Medicinals) or DandyBlend
  • Almond Milk or other plant-based milk
  • Coconut Oil
  • Ghee (optional, but will make it super creamy)
  • Sweetener of choice (optional)


Make a strong cup of dandelion tea - use two bags if you like a big mug or really strong coffee.

Add almond milk as you usually would to coffee.

Add about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Add about 1 tsp ghee (optional)

Add sweetener of choice (optional)

Blend all for just a few seconds until frothy.



That’s it. Enjoy your new healthy drink 🙂


Dandelion latte FB



Love Your Kidneys (and urinary tract!) Elixir Recipe + Chia Seeds + Detox

Here’s a wonderful beverage to help keep your kidneys healthy and happy so you can detox naturally. You want those kidneys to be in good shape to filter the gunk out of your system, right? Of course you do!

After nimbly avoiding it for over a while week taking care of sick family members, I finally succumbed to a nasty summer flu. I tried my best to prevent it, but lack of sleep is the enemy of a strong immune system!  It only lasted a day, but it was icky, and I lost a lot of fluids (I’ll spare you the details – you’re welcome.). As soon as I could stomach anything more than a sip or two of tea or broth I used this recipe for a healthy elixir for some serious rehydrating.


A delicious detox elixir to help keep your kidneys healthy and happy. www.justrealstuff.com


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You need new taste buds! Here’s how to get them.

The food we put into our mouths affects every aspect of our life. It can regenerate our cells or irritate our intestinal lining. It can fuel us or deplete us. It can make our bodies toxic or detoxify us. It can make us happy and confident or angry and withdrawn.

Choosing what to eat isn’t that difficult if you look at food as fuel for your body, not as a source of pleasure. That’s not say it shouldn’t be pleasurable because clearly it was designed to taste good and satisfy us. It’s just that in this fast food, junk food-laden society our taste buds have gotten confused by the processed food.

Crowding out the foods that don’t serve you and adding in the best stuff is the quickest way to reset your taste buds and your appetite.

Your taste buds can change based on what you eat. In just 10 days to 14 days your old taste buds can be replaced with new ones that crave natural, unprocessed food. Pretty soon, foods like this will look amazing and you’ll start to crave them!


Cookies n Cream Smoothie Recipe - gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nutritarian, www.justrealstuff.com

The longer you eat healthier food the better it tastes. Isn’t that cool?

The flip-side of course is that if you keep eating cupcakes you will keep craving cupcakes. If you keep eating Doritos, you will keep craving Doritos. You get the idea.

brain junk food

If you think about it makes logical sense. A baby isn’t born craving Cheetos or ice cream. In fact, it wouldn’t think twice upon seeing that food (unless it sees you eating it!). But if you feed those foods to the baby and activate those sensors in his mouth and brain, he will crave them the next time there is an opportunity.

Fast food/junk food is specifically DESIGNED that way. It’s designed in a lab by scientists who know what turns on the taste receptors in your body and what will keep you coming back for more. This is generally some combination of the trifecta of junk food – sugar, fat, and salt.

The goods news is we have the power to change all of this simply by eliminating the junk and replacing it with the foods WE ARE DESIGNED TO THRIVE ON.

I’d love to help you make the switch. If you are interested in a group cleanse check it out here.

Summer Holistic Detox


If you’d like to work one-on-one I can do that too.

You can beat food addiction and learn to crave foods that will make you feel awesome. I can help.

Many Healthy Blessings,





This Smoothie Helped Make My Tummy Happier (and Quieter)

Feeling like your digestion is making too much noise? Gurgle. Gurgle.

The last few months I have been working a lot and often that leads to a stressed me. This means my digestion can get wonky. I know what you might be thinking – that I’m a health coach, and I have this all figured out – but I am human too. I was actually sitting in a meeting recently where it was fairly quiet and my stomach started gurgling so loud I was sure they could hear it in the back of the room. Talk about embarrassing! In my practice, I teach people how to listen to their body (especially when its making LOUD NOISES) and what to do when they feel wonky too.

Many of my clients say they have belly bloat even when they do not eat, something that is actually not uncommon for people with digestive issues.

Stress inflames the intestinal lining and disrupts the good balance of bacteria in the gut.

This is what happened to me. It was time to restore and rebuild on the quick.

Feel like you are passing gas too much?

Feel exhausted for no reason?

Time to rebuild and restore your gut health with this smoothie.

Every time I am feeling off, I keep it simple: smoothies, juices, and easy-to-digest soups. Here’s one for you to try.

green smoothie with lemon summer detox

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How to boost your immunity and reduce toxins

Detox is vital in this toxic world.

For a long time as a health coach I have focused on digestion because I believe that good digestion leads to a healthy life. I still absolutely believe this, but it’s also important to remember that to have good digestion you must be detoxing properly.

You see, detox is a natural step toward a better digestion. Good digestion leads to less inflammation, and less inflammation leads to less disease in this world. Let me say it again, decrease the inflammation and prevent disease.


Summer Banner 5


Hippocrates said it best: “All disease begins in the gut.”

If this is true and disease begins in the gut, aka your digestive system, then having a healthy and strong digestion is key. But let me share a secret with you – when the body is toxic, your digestive system is weak.

So even if you eat “clean” and only buy organic and hormone-free foods, you are still breathing toxicity in this world.

We live, eat and breathe toxicity every day. Look around your home and think of the paint on the walls, the rugs, the pesticides sprayed on your green grass, the exterminator to get rid of the bugs. Even if you are chemical-free in your home, is your makeup chemical-free?

Even if you are doing your best to live a chemical-free life, we are still alive, and that means eating, breathing, and sleeping in a toxic environment.

Unless you feel that are ready to live in a bubble or a hyperbaric chamber, then it is time to wake up to what I call daily detox.

Now detox is not a curse word or anything to be scared about. Instead, it is exciting to think about your body and cells actually functioning. I don’t tell people that detox has to be living on only juices, water, smoothies, salad, or soup. Detox is about lessening the toxic load in your body. As I say, “taking out the trash.”

When we are toxic, our body cannot perform its job. The body cannot metabolize properly, detox properly, absorb nutrients and minerals, or stay hydrated. It is a vicious cycle. Detox is necessary to be healthy, happy and free of disease. We all have some low-level inflammation because we simply breathe, but even more so because of the stress in this busy world.

Every time you stress you create acid in your body. Your body is then forced to pull minerals to buffer the acid waste. The liver, lymph and kidneys begin to work hard to filter out the toxic load.

But what happens when the body is tired and clogged? When your digestive system is not working and can’t break down these foods, it can’t focus on getting RID of TOXINS. That means you cannot get rid of bloat and fat and skin breakouts and all that junk that keeps you tired.


  • Difficult weight management
  • Constipation/diarrhea
  • Gas/bloating
  • Headaches
  • Low energy
  • Low sex drive
  • Bad skin
  • Heartburn/reflux
  • Moodiness/depression

Get where I am going with all of this?

By detoxing you will improve digestion and free your body of inflammation and toxins in the process.

The foundation of this detox is NOT to ever feel deprived or starved.

The goal is to help you do what I have learned to do in my own life: learn how to EAT CLEAN and learn what foods are IRRITATING your body.

Join me for my detox and cleanse starting on July 21.

Click HERE to find out more change your life today.

Summer Holistic Detox


Now that you’ve learned a little more about the benefits of detoxing, how can you start bringing it into your daily life?


Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay healthy and detox naturally:


  1. Upon waking, drink warm or room-temperature water with lemon and 1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar (if tolerated) and add a dash of cinnamon or cayenne.
  2. Start your day by being positive. Find a scripture, prayer, or daily affirmation that gets you fired up.
  3. Try getting quiet within yourself even just for one minute and say, “I release what does not serve me.” Place your hand on your heart as you say this out loud. A more tangible way to do this is to write down what you want to release in your life and then crumple it up, tear it up, or even burn it.
  4. Drink fresh green juices, smoothies, or make your own green juice with 1 tbsp. chlorophyll and lemon and lime and water.
  5. Aim for one meal that is super easy on your digestion per day like a smoothie, green juice or soup. Give your digestion a rest.
  6. Get moving and shaking. Yes, exercise is one of the best ways to detox your body.
  7. Drink plenty of water and add lemon, lime or grapefruit to flush the toxicity.
  8. Skin brushing is my favorite way to support the liver and get rid of those toxins.
  9. Tongue brushing.
  10. Be happy and grateful for life.


Here’s a green juice recipe for you because I care 🙂


Try this delicious juice for detoxing. To learn more about our summer detox go to: http://justrealstuff.com/


Many Healthy Blessings!