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Thanks for visiting my blog.

I look forward to sharing many happy, healthy conversations here!


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3 comments to WELCOME ~Thanks for stopping by!

  • Kim

    Hi Laur, I love the format, colors, size of font and clean look of your websight! AWESOME!!!!! Nice going… You have been working hard girl. I have a hard time imagining, well my taste buds do, a danelion drink could taste like a latte, but glad you are digging it. I look forward to trying it someday. I would enjoy sharing my latest meal/dietary tweak.
    One thing I have tried over the last few weeks with good results, some uncomfortable moments, but positive results was no coffee or tea first thing in the a.m. My nutrition gal Jodi, recommended eating protien first thing in the morning before my tea or coffee for a more even energy throughout the day. It has helped. Also I am attempting to eat more protien throughout the day to sustain this energy. Dietary changes take determination and tenasity don’t ya think? My taste buds like to think they are in charge, but as 47 has come, I am realizing with some squirming and uncomfortable moments in my head, habits can (DIE?…nah) move to a different spot. lol Small movements and baby steps are helpful for me. Thanks for providing a place where sharing moments of change and inspiration and encouragement can be exchanged. PS She is having me write “Daily Record of Food Intake” all week. I am finally getting in a better pattern of doing it. 🙂 How’z the cleanse going?
    So excited you opened this thing up! Cheers

    • lhugdahl

      Hi Kim,

      Hey, you’re my first comment on here 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll have to make the dandelion latte for you next time I see you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

      It’s great to hear about the changes you are making. It’s true; little things do add up and make a big difference. I notice a big difference when I don’t have caffeine in the morning. After a couple rough days I end up having a lot more energy throughout the day. It’s quite interesting. I finished my butter cleanse:) It was only a short (4-day) cleanse, but I felt really light and clear at the end. Quite amazing really what a week of changing your diet can do!

      I look forward to hearing about your diet tweaks. I love it!


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