Healthier for the Holidays – Clean Eating & Health Habits Challenge

THIS IS FOR THE LADIES. Instead of waiting for January 1, how about cleaning up your diet and starting those healthy changes NOW? I’m starting a FREE clean eating challenge between now and Christmas and would love for you to join me.  This will be a private Facebook group with other women (sorry, guys!) who are motivated to begin changing their habits before 2016.


Join me for a free healthy eating challenge as we finish the year strong.


This involves no potions, powders, pills, or purchases. I just want to encourage you to work on healthy habits while keeping myself accountable too!

The food focus will be on clean, unprocessed, whole foods but I will also encourage goal setting, accountability, healthy habits, and positive mental attitudes. I will be eating and sharing nutrient-dense, mostly vegan food but you can do whatever feels right for your situation. I don’t care if you eat vegan, paleo, or somewhere in between, but let’s focus on whole, real foods. This is about progress, not perfection, especially in light of the holiday season where there are so many extra temptations and challenges.

Start where you are. No matter where you are in your health journey, I want you to join us for lots of love, support, and accountability! If you have questions or need suggestions about where to start, feel free to message me. Contact me on Facebook either on one of my posts or in a private message if you want me to add you to this group. Join me and others who are ready to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION and GET HEALTHIER FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Together we are stronger!

Let’s have some fun and get healthier too 🙂



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