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  • Are you tired of trying to make healthy changes all by yourself?
  • Are you ready to break free from rules and shoulds and find out what really works for you?
  • Are you confused by conflicting information and trying to make sense of it all?


I’m here to help!

After years of studying and trying to find the “healthiest diet,”, I’ve come to the conclusion that . . . (ready for it??) there is no one-size-fits-all diet. There are obvious common denominators that can benefit everyone, but each person’s body and situation is unique, so no two approaches will look exactly the same.



I create one-on-one and group programs so you can:

  • figure out the foods & strategies that love you
  • identify foods that don’t love you
  • decrease stress & increase a positive mindset
  • develop positive new habits for detoxing physically & emotionally
  • learn to eat with the seasons
  • learn to nourish yourself & your family
  • reach your ideal weight without deprivation
  • relieve digestive issues
  • sleep better
  • feel awesome and have more energy!


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